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Insights designed to help you grow

Take the guesswork out of the equation with dashboards that give you visibility into your inventory sales performance – from price to distribution and fulfillment. Buy the best inventory and sell at the best possible price with real-time market data.

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The only analytics dashboards out there

Watch Market Trends in Real-Time

Marketplace reports give you visibility into average ticket prices, sales velocity and more, so you’re always up-to-speed on where to sell and how to price.

Optimize ROI

Visibility into marketplace trends and your inventory KPIs make it easy to identify opportunities to optimize your pricing strategy and maximize your margins.

Find Buying Opportunities

When trends are on the up, our reports and seat charts help you identify buying opportunities. Get a leg up against the competition with cutting-edge insights.


The fastest distribution solution in the world

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Monitor performance across sales

The level of insight into your ticket sales that our powerful dashboards provide is unprecedented. With real-time stats on the total number of tickets you have listed, marketplace distribution, and more, you’ll save time wondering how your inventory is performing.

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Optimize pricing based on marketplace trends

Our dashboards provide aggregate performance metrics to help you enhance your pricing strategy based on marketplace ROI trends.

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Keep track of velocity and replenishment needs

Get real-time insight into new inventory purchased each day with a comprehensive overview of event-type breakdowns, top performers, ticket categories, stock types and more.

Be a part of the future of ticket resale automation, powered by cutting-edge analytics.