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Get the leading dynamic ticket pricing and distribution platform, designed to maximize ROI and lower overhead. Fully customizable criteria automates your unique strategy, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Driven by you. Powered by data.

Your strategy is the key to your success. Ticket lifecycle automation amplifies your expertise, so you can do more. With 24/7 coverage, market upswings turn into margin opportunities.


Designed to give you a competitive advantage


Sync lists and distributes your inventory in real-time everywhere customers are buying. Inventory distribution is not one-size-fits-all. Sync enables you to precisely price for each marketplace.

Dynamic Pricing

Markets change by the minute. Uptick implements your pricing strategy and dynamically adjusts ticket prices to market trends around the clock, so you’re never leaving money on the table.

Data Analytics

Get the latest insights into marketplace trends and the hottest events, so you’re always on top of your game. With complete visibility into your daily performance, our dashboards make optimization easy.


Let our experts help you scale

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Fully-Managed Pricing

With over 42 years of combined experience pricing over 7 million tickets, our pricing team will partner with you to execute your strategy across your diverse inventory.

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We’ve partnered with the best in the business to take your tedious back-office operations off your plate. Get your life back and rest easy knowing you’re working with the best of the best.


I appreciate the dedication of the Support Staff: Cody, Brenda, Rodina, Mary, Karen, and Jorge have each gone the extra mile to fix a problem or to help think through issues to achieve a solution.
— Ticket Warehouse
Automatiq quickly became an integral part of our business. From onboarding to daily operations, we have been impressed.
— All That Tickets, LLC
The consistent stability of the software has given us the ability to scale at a rapid pace.
— Ticket Avenue
Automatiq keeps adding new features while adding better and better functionality. The product evolves for the better while still being easy to use.
— Bly Ticket Group
Automatiq has been very helpful since we started using the website. It allows us to use our time in an efficient way and has saved us lots of time. The user interface is very simple and effective.
— VenueKings
Automatiq is a wonderful set of tools that will greatly enhance your operations, workflow, and distribution, which all lead to more sales. Their customer service is top-notch too!
— NRZ Entertainment
These are good people with a product that works for our industry. The product works well and makes us money. That’s a good combination.
— PC Ticketmart
Automatiq already provides excellent products that improve our efficiency tremendously and is always working to improve the services they offer. The team is attentive and quick to act and deliver on promised features, updates, and solutions. In this dynamic industry, they provide the services and support that help us stay resilient.
— Remarkable Group
Thanks for all the hard work
— Ticket Ninja LLC NY
I highly recommend Automatiq to anyone and everyone who is in the pricing world.
I can’t recommend these guys enough. They have great technology that is always improving, they have a great support staff, and they’re priced competitively.
— MyRtrmnt, LLC.
By far, Automatiq is the best product for processing and automation. 5 stars!
The account management and support staff is far better than the competition. I have always felt valued, felt heard, and when something needs attention, I know the team will handle it with a high level of service.
— Grant Kamin, TC Ticket Experience, Inc.
Uptick has been a great tool for us to better understand the markets and price better with the current trends. Sync is the core of our operations. We use it for all of our POs and Invoicing, it’s vital to our success.
— Grant Kamin, TC Ticket Experience, Inc.
Uptick has definitely helped to make sure we’re priced correctly with the market for tickets. It allows us to make sure we’re maintaing our prices where they need to be and, more importantly, capture the prices on events where the market value has gone higher. Sync simply works. Automating processing and fulfilling makes our lives simpler.
— Charles Greene, PC Ticketmart
The people at Automatiq are what make the company stand out above the competition. I can’t say enough kind things about Cody Trotter! Cody has been incredible from the start, and even when busy, Cody always offers a helping hand.
— TC Ticket Experience, Inc.
Being able to have automation saves so much time and stress and only builds to larger sales.
— Jordan Bernloehr, JT Ticketing
Uptick auto pricing helps maximize revenue and mitigate risk of unsold or undersold tickets.
— Ben Thompson, Prime Time Stubs