Industry-leading pricing automation

Uptick® dynamic pricing puts you in the driver seat by harnessing the power of your experience. Augmented by our intelligent automation engine, your unique strategy can run 24/7.

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Cutting-edge is your competitive advantage

Fewer Unsold Tickets

Sell more tickets in advance by being priced correctly throughout the lifecyle of each event. This leaves you with less distressed inventory closer to the event date.

Increased Profitability

With price optimization running 24/7, you’re positioned to catch market upswings. Save hours on pricing your tickets so you can focus on growing your business.

Lower Overhead

Top talent is hard to find. Scaling your inventory levels and sales shouldn’t be resource-constrained. Our solution automates your strategy, so your team can do more in less time.

Expert Support

With over 10 years of experience, our support experts know our products inside and out.


Unparalleled functionality and unriveled innovation

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Scale your strategy

Every ticket is unique. Setting the criteria for pricing your tickets is easy and outlier settings back your pricing strategy with unparalleled control. Plus, any rule set can be expanded across groups or seasons, making pricing large quantities of tickets lightning fast. And with controlled price floors, your margins are protected.

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Optimized ticket yield management

Uptick enables you to automatically replenish your ticket inventory levels based on predefined rules and thresholds. Managing a season is easy with features that allow you to group similar sections and rows to automate your ticket release schedule. Plus, our powerful dashboards give you insight into the true value of every section and row.

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Data-driven Optimized pricing

The Uptick pricing model runs on real-time listing data and automatically adjusts ticket prices based on your settings and fluctuations in the marketplace. Built-in analytics give you insight into pricing trends through interactive venue visualizations to inform your criteria decisions.

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Price optimization by marketplace

Uptick integrates with major marketplaces, giving you the flexibility to anchor your pricing on the marketplace of your choice. We’ve automated the process of switching marketplace anchors, so you can optimize your pricing throughout the different stages of an event’s lifecycle.

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Dedicated account management

Here’s the thing. We’re a little customer-obsessed. Our team thrives on your success and we love getting to know our customers. That’s why we are the only solution that devotes a dedicated account manager to each of our customers, so you never get the runaround.

Equip yourself with the best, configurable pricing automation technology.


Uptick auto pricing helps maximize revenue and mitigate risk of unsold or undersold tickets.
— Ben Thompson, Prime Time Stubs