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Broker Genius Announces Rebrand Under the Name Automatiq

Broker Genius and Seat Scouts reach a new post-merger milestone by unifying the two brands under the name Automatiq.

NEW YORK – June 29, 2022 – Industry-leading ticket pricing and distribution company Broker Genius announced the launch of its new brand identity under the name Automatiq as the next major milestone following its merger with Seat Scouts in 2020. By bringing together Broker Genius’ dynamic pricing product, Uptick, and Seat Scouts distribution product, Sync, Automatiq is equipping ticket resellers to manage the full lifecycle of their ticket inventory. The unified Automatiq platform is particularly attractive to resellers that are looking to take advantage of scaling their business by lowering overhead costs, improving operational efficiency, and optimizing margins.

“Unifying our brands under the Automatiq umbrella will help clarify to the industry that we are one company with two best-in-class product offerings – Uptick and Sync. This milestone represents our continued focus on leading the ticket resale industry in automation by continuing to innovate and invest in our products and services to give our customers the competitive advantage they need to win in the market.

– Sam Sherman, CEO at Automatiq (previously Broker Genius)

Since the merger, Broker Genius and Seat Scouts have been working to unify processes to provide their customers with a seamless experience using both their Sync and Uptick products. This rebrand is an essential milestone in that process and cements the unification of these companies in terms of their teams, products, and operations.

With this announcement, Sync and Uptick customers will begin to see some visual changes within the products, as the Broker Genius and Sync brands merge under the Automatiq umbrella.

“The launch of Automatiq is a major milestone that signifies our shared vision of a full suite of best-in-class products for ticket resellers. We are excited to continue building our next-generation platform which will provide our customers with an even more seamless experience backed by the most modern cloud offering.” 

– Drew Gainor, Chief Product Officer at Automatiq (previously Seat Scouts).

Uptick is a dynamic ticket pricing technology that enables ticket resellers to develop and deploy robust, criteria-based pricing strategies at scale. Designed to help businesses scale their operations, Uptick puts customers in the driver’s seat to combine their market knowledge with powerful automation. Sync provides resellers with a scalable inventory distribution solution with widespread capabilities spanning the order fulfillment lifecycle from inventory creation to barcoding, mobile transfers, QR rendering, payment reconciliation, and inventory distribution.

Today’s announcement reaffirm Broker Genius’ commitment to investing in the expansion and innovation of automation solutions that provide ticket resellers with cutting-edge technologies designed to deliver significant pricing and fulfillment efficiencies.

Broker Genius and Seat Scouts customers who want to learn more about the move to unify these brands under the name Automatiq can reach out to the expert Account Management team for more information at [email protected]. To learn more about how Automatiq’s Uptick and Sync solutions empower ticket resellers to grow and scale their businesses, visit



About Automatiq:
Following the merger of Broker Genius’ industry-leading dynamic price automation technology and Seat Scouts’ industry-leading ticket distribution technology in December of 2020, Automatiq was formed in June of 2022 to solidify the unification of these two companies. Founded by Sam Sherman in 2013, Broker Genius now services over 500 customers who represent over $4 billion a year in ticket sales. The Automatiq data-driven automation platform has helped clients sell over $6 billion of ticket inventory and delivered over 10 million tickets. Automatiq’s mission is to help clients maximize profits through an all-in-one platform by optimizing revenue and lowering operating costs.

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