How Peyton Manning Signing with the Broncos Led to the Creation of a Sports Ticket Startup

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6 years ago, Sam Sherman came up with the idea for Broker Genius right around the time that Peyton Manning was deciding which team he would play for next. Sherman’s gut told him that Manning was going to play for the Broncos. He made some calls to determine what ticket inventory he could buy, trying to position himself ahead of the coming demand.  But the only tickets left were pricey premium club seats.

Once Sherman discovered that it was just about a done deal that Manning was headed to the Broncos, he maxed out his credit cards by buying those Broncos club seats. It turned out to be a wise move, as Sherman sold those tickets for high profits.

Noticing inefficiencies with ticket pricing through the Manning scenario and thereafter, Sherman decided to create an automated ticket pricing tool. I recently spoke to Sherman about that startup and how it has grown to date.

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