Fully-managed pricing

Our best-in-class pricing team is trusted by the Godfathers of the industry. Get all the expertise you need, without all the hassle and overhead cost.

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Pricing has never looked so good

We’ve hired the most experienced pricers in the industry to guarantee unparalleled, fully-managed pricing services around the clock.

$750 Million

In inventory managed

With around-the-clock coverage, our pricing team never stops. We’ve handled every type of event and have the numbers to back it.

7 Million

Tickets priced, and counting

Our team has priced more tickets than some of the most experienced resellers in the industry.


Average ROI

Margin optimization is our obsession. We’re always working to deliver our customers with the best possible returns.

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Your strategy executed by a trusted team

Your strategy is the key to your success. Our approach focuses on following the business owner’s direction, so our experts function as an extension of your team. With a dedicated team, you’ll get the consistency you need to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

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Resource Management without the overhead

Experienced pricers are hard to come by and costly to onboard. The seasonality of events makes managing and staffing peak season a challenge. Don’t let staffing hold your business back. Our flexible pricing allows you to manage the ebb and flow of your ticket inventory levels.

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24/7 Coverage while you rest easy

Markets change by the minute. When staffing a 24/7 operation is too costly, your team is stretched thin. Our team is here to give you your life back. We’re staffed around the clock to ensure your ticket inventory is priced appropriately to market fluctuations.

We’re on call days, nights, weekends and holidays

Our team consists of experienced, in-office analysts working 365 days a year. Your inventory will be competitively priced all day, every day.

Profitability is our specialty

Trusting our experts to price your tickets saves your team countless hours of work and overhead costs. In addition to cost savings, our experts deliver +40% ROI on average.

Don’t let turnover slow your business down

Seasonality across stock types can leave your business vulnerable to staffing changes. With a team of experts backing you, you’re covered for the ebbs and flows in your ticket inventory.

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