We have the proven Processes, Equipment, and Software to do it right. Our Exclusive Algorithm based Methodology allows us to achieve unmatched speed and efficiency, in fact we ship most chain orders within 24 hours of receipt. This results in your products spend less time in the warehouse, which means more rapid sales and more satisfied retailers.

Automatiq gives you shorter import transit times, better inventory planning, and lower freight cost. We have distribution warehouses on both the west and east coast, and our e-commerce shipping capabilities enable you to seamlessly ship orders the same day. We have automated systems for EDI, Inventory, Real-Time Order Status Reporting, Scanning, and other technologies that give us an edge when it comes to rapid accurate replenishment. You can even continue using your existing warehouse service for bulk orders and allow Automatiq to handle only the pick pack portion. Handing the process off to experienced specialists like Automatiq, eliminates one of your biggest headaches and gives you one last thing to worry about. This way you can focus on running your businesses core competencies like sales, marketing, and new product development. This is why we are the trusted replenishment partners for vendors around the globe selling to Americas most recognized chain stores.